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    Our Team


    Ella - Owner

    Who would have thought that right after completing your art degree, you'd start your own business? Yet, that's exactly what Ella did, along with her love, Timo. Her versatile imagination and distinctive style are reflected in the store—from the vibrant and colorful offerings to the unique interior. With her resourcefulness and DIY mentality, she has conceived countless projects within BLACKFISH, topped off with her own clothing label. Though she's still often seen in the store, her duties have largely moved behind the scenes, where she primarily engages in creative and conceptual tasks.

    Timo - Owner

    Like Ella, Timo completed his music education when they decided to open the store together. He dives wholeheartedly into the diverse aspects of entrepreneurship, from curating the collection to creating all the graphic content. You'll usually find him in his office, busy with the technical and administrative tasks that keep the store running. But Timo's musical soul is never far away; his distinctive taste in music fills the store through an imposing sound system, supported by an ever-growing vinyl collection.

    Alieke - Team Leader

    Meet Alieke, our very first real team member who has climbed her way to the top as a manager and team leader, evolving into the 'jack-of-all-trades' within BLACKFISH. She is the ears and eyes of Ella and Timo, always sharp and observant. With an impressive resume of restaurant and retail jobs, she has developed a flawless instinct for good service and warm hospitality. Her always cheerful and colorful presence, combined with a unique mix of work ethic and empathy, makes 'Mama Alieke' an essential part of the BLACKFISH Vibe!

    Romy - Store Employee

    As soon as you step in and are greeted by a sparkling presence that seems to have walked right out of a Ghibli movie, with her cheerfully dancing black curls, you know you've met Romy. With her knowledge in interior styling and visual merchandising, she keeps the store and the showcase always sparkling and in step with the latest trends. She is incredibly friendly and patient, excelling in assisting and advising our customers. Moreover, thanks to her wonderfully artistic nails, she also acts as our part-time hand model!

    Iris - Store Employee

    With her extensive knowledge of the supernatural world, 'Spiri-Iri' is our in-house spiritual advisor. She oversees not only the offerings and presentation of our magical Mystique section but is always ready to assist customers with practical advice. But don’t be fooled by her esoteric flair; Iris is surprisingly down-to-earth. With her quick chat and witty humor, she always brings life to the party and is an indispensable vibe creator!

    Cindy - Store Employee & Webshop

    A true fashion connoisseur and retail professional, Cindy is a walking textile encyclopedia. She effortlessly uses her in-depth technical knowledge to perfectly advise customers on their choices. But Cindy's expertise goes further: she plays a significant role in maintaining and updating our webshop, ensuring everything online is in tip-top shape. Cindy is steady as a rock during hectic times, always steadfast and reliable. Plus, with her background as a hairdresser, she's also our go-to expert for demonstrating our hair accessories!

    Violeta - Store Employee

    Former restaurant and hospitality 'tiger' Vio, now a radiant force at BLACKISH, brings a wave of infectious joy through the store with her inexhaustible energy and Chilean ‘duende’. A jack-of-all-trades, she excels in maintaining the store space, and thanks to her green fingers, our plants always look gorgeous. Vio is always up for a party and often closes the dance floor last, but don’t worry; she's fresh and ready to go the next morning!




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